What are the Therapeutic Principles for Diabetic Nephropathy

For people with diabetes, if the urinary albumin is above 300mg/d, it can be termed as diabetic nephropathy. As the condition is insidious and deteriorate gradually, it not controlled well, kidney failure will be the end result. Then, what are the therapeutic principles for diabetic nephropathy?

After years of research and experience accumulation, nephrologists from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital concluded the following treatment principle:

Low-protein diet Follow a low-protein diet can help alleviate the hypertransfusion state of glomeruli, decrease proteinuria and maintain a stable creatinine clearance rate. It’s currently recommended that the daily intake of protein foods can be 0.6.-0.8g/kg.

What are the Therapeutic Principles for Diabetic Nephropathy  Well control of blood sugar A tight control of blood glucose level can help reduce proteinuria, improve glomerular filtration function. Nowadays, insulin therapy is the most commonly used method to control blood sugar. In it’s advanced stage, it is beneficial to lower the incidence of urinary tract infection.

TCM Therapy This stereoscopic therapy include: cycle therapy, hot compress therapy, foot bath therapy, full bath therapy, enema therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy and moxibustion therapy.

By activating original qi and drawing out toxins out of the body, the therapeutic aim can be achieved, which includes not only strengthening healthy qi and eliminating pathogenic factors, but also tonifying original qi to supplement kidney. If you want to know about this, please consult with our live doctor immediately.

Control of blood pressure Clinical practices proved that well manage of BP can reduce protein in urine, slow down the deterioration of kidney function and vision. And medications like ACE Inhibitors and ARBs are appropriate choices. In addition, calcium antagnonists also have stronger effects for blood pressure.

Avoid nephrotoxic drugs Before taking any medicines, it is essential to ask for doctor’s help, because certain medications can be harmful to sufferers’ health.

By following the above-mentioned  therapeutic principles, we belive patients with diabetic nephropathy can live a better life. Any douts about this topic, you are welcomed to email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com or leave us message below. Best wishes!

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