Top 8 Tips Defend Diabetic Nephropathy Availably

We all know, the harm of diabetic nephropathy brings to patients and families, so how can we know whether the kidney health? How to judge? Once diabetes patients have kidney damaged, persistent proteinuria is often irreversible condition, patients will develops into end stage renal disease. Here are eight ways to prevent diabetic nephropathy in the hope of helping you:

1. One way is to drink more water. The amount of water said here means keeping the amount of drinking water from 1500 to 2000ml a day.

2. In life, we should limit the intake of protein and potassium. Some people think that eating protein and potassium is a good thing. In fact, everyone should control the intake of potassium containing drinks and fruits containing potassium in daily life. Protein is best controlled by 0.6 to 0.8 grams per kilogram of weight per day, with easy to digest lean meat and fish.

3. The intake of salt should be controlled. For diabetics, food should be as weak as possible, and salt intake should be within 6 grams per day.

4. Strict controlling of blood sugar. The key is to strictly limit calorie intake, the two is to insist on good blood sugar control, and the three is to avoid various factors such as emotional agitation and infection.

5. Controlling of blood pressure must be strict, and we should try to control the blood pressure below 130 to 80mmHg.

6. Some patients are ill because of the use of nephrotoxic drugs, so in peacetime we must pay attention to the use of these drugs.

7. Ingestion of sufficient trace elements and vitamins. In particular, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, vitamin B, iron, and so on, have protective effect on the kidney.

8. Developing good living habits, do not smoke, because smoking is one of the important factors to aggravate diabetic nephropathy.

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