What Do I Need to Do to Reverse Proteinuria Problem with Diabetes

Proteinuria is a early sign of diabetes patients if their kidney is damaged. As times goes by, proteinuria problem becomes more and more severe. Therefore, patients need to know what do I need to do to reverse proteinuria problem with diabetes. Please add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008615233618520.

Proteinuria occurs is because that there is something wrong with filtering barrier and electrolyte barrier on the kidney. And then, the protein, a substance is supposed to be kept into blood will leak into urine, as a result proteinuria appears. A patient with diabetes suffer fom proteinuria, which should arose patients’ attention, because it signals that there is something wrong with your kidney function. And you need to take prompt measures to fix the kidney and recover kidney function.

And then, coming to next question, what should patients do to improve kidney function ?

Immunotherapy is adopted to improve immunity and regulate immune disorder, which includes accurate diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection. This treatment is specialized in treating kidney disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment to recover kidney function. This is an external application and there are tremendous herbs containing in this therapy, besides, herbal medicines are refined into powder to improve its efficiency and then the powder is collected into two medicated bags. What needs patients do is to lie down the two medicated bags for about 40-50 minutes. By connecting osmotic machine and two medicated bags, active substances in herbal medicines will come out and then penetrate inside kidney lesions directly, which helps adequate blood, oxygen and nutrition inside kidney also.

Furthermore, other treatments including Medicated Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, Steaming Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Cupping Therapy are also used to repair the disease kidney and recover kidney function.

Are you interested in this treatment reliving proteinuria with diabetes? If so, please send your present condition and phone number to kidneyfailurecn@hotmail.com. or leave a message below. We are glad to help you.


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