Can You Reduce Creatinine 3.3 for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Naturally

Can You Reduce Creatinine 3.3 for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients NaturallyGenerally speaking, as for diabetic nephropathy patients with creatinine 3.3, steroid treatment is the common treatment in most countries. But it has adverse effects for patients. Except steroid, is there any natural treatment for reducing creatinine 3.3 with diabetic nephropathy? Welcome to consult ONLINE EXPERT for free and fast information.

Diabetic nephropathy with high creatinine level is one of problems patients care about. Please reading continuously, the following is the introduction of natural treatment in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital.

How much you know about creatinine 3.3?

As we all know, increased creatinine level always is considered as an important index to value the healthy condition of the kidneys. With the increasing creatinine, your kidney functions must have been lost and even less than 50%. Creatinine 3.3 goes beyond the normal range, which means you’re your kidneys have been damaged seriously caused by diabetes.

However, diabetic nephropathy is caused by years of uncontrolled diabetes, so diabetes is the main factor of the diabetic kidney disease. Therefore, what is the correct and natural treatment for reducing creatinine 3.3 of diabetic nephropathy?

If we want to find the correct treatment, we should know what the main factor of high creatinine is. It is easy to see that impaired kidneys and high blood sugar are the main factors. Therefore, the correct and proper treatment should focus on controlling blood sugar and repairing damaged kidneys from the root. And then, high creatinine level will be reduced naturally.

Here, I would like to recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress to you, which based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The therapy is an external application medicine with osmotic machine. Through the functions of dilating blood vessels to improve blood circulation, eliminating toxins and wastes in blood, providing nutrition and oxygen to damaged kidneys, regulating blood sugar and repairing impaired kidney tissues and cells, anti-inflammation to prevent the further renal damage.

Along with impaired kidneys repaired, kidney functions can be improved effectively, and high creatinine level 3.3 may be reduced naturally and effectively.

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