Everything is ok, only the blood sugar can be controlled for diabetic nephropathy patients

Diabetic nephropathy is a difficult problem in the world, which many patients get the disease and the blood sugar is also difficult to control. Once the blood sugar is not controlled well, then any kind of diabetes will develop serious disease, such as uremia. So, it is the important problem to control the blood sugar.
SANTOS is an American, 66 years old, who has the diabetes history for about 20 years. At the beginning, she took the western medicines to reduce blood sugar. Later the doctor adjusted the medicines constantly, while her blood sugar was always high and could not be reduced. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy and kidney failure. She has the symptoms of clod hands and feet, pale face, hardly sweat. Under her husband’s insist, they came to China to treat her disease.
The damage of diabetes for the body is mainly in the thickness of blood to block the blood vessel. So our doctor put the key on the control of blood sugar. According to her disease history for about 20 years, the experts team make a unique treatment plan for her, and took the concept of once the blood sugar is controlled, the others is easy to treat.
Using toxin-removing therapies to treat her disease, which has the effects of opening the blocked blood vessels, improving blood circulation, providing nutrition to the kidneys and repairing the damaged kidney, gradually recovering kidney function.
After more than 20 days Chinese treatment, her hands and feet became warm, too much sweating, pale face disappeared. The bad symptoms almost all disappeared. She and her husband are happy and satisfied with the result. Soon she left the hospital and came back her country. Hope she can have a normal life with her family.
This is a typical case of the treatment for complication of diabetic nephropathy. Whether any complication it is, the key is to control the blood sugar firstly if there is no emergency condition. If you want to know more information about diabetic nephropathy treatment, please feel free leave message to us.
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