The Natural Toxin-Removing Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Diabetic nephropathy is the most of serious and dangerous chronic kidney disease caused by diabetes. The treatment for diabetic nephropathy should be comprehensive and treated in time, in case it develops to uremia. So, how to treat the diabetic nephropathy naturally?

Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital is a professional hospital in kidney disease with Chinese herbal medicines, which has about 30 years of clinical experiences to treat various kidney diseases. Our hospital has a complete and stereo therapeutic system which the toxin-removing therapies cooperate each other.

Western medicines just for symptoms relieving have short time medical effects and even have side effects. These medicines can not cure the disease, what’s more, they may make further damage your kidneys. But, Chinese herbal medicines are all from nature. Take the safety and effectiency into account´╝îChinese herbal medicines are the better choice.

Our therapies include medicated bath, foot bath, Maikang mixture, acupuncture and oral Chinese medicines and so on to treat kidney disease through dilating the blood vessels, improving blood circulation, removing immune complexes and blood stasis out of body. These special functions can repair kidney function gradually and make kidney work normally.

Diabetic nephropathy has a lot of symptoms, such as proteinuria, swelling, which means that glomerular filtration rate decline, high blood pressure, which will make the kidney disease deteriorate, anemia, and abnormal kidney function. So patients need to treat in time, in case the disease can not be controlled, and kidney function insufficiency appears. Once kidney works again, the glomerular filtration rate will also work normally, the condition of blood sugar will be relived.

If you have diabetic nephropathy and want to know more our therapies, please leave message to us at any time. Best wished!

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