The toxin-removing treatment for patients with repeated edema

Today I will introduce a story of the patient who had swelling symptom. And through 15 days treatment, there was a surprising result! The following is the patient wrote to us.

My name is Essa, 51 years old. I never thought my swelling in two legs would disappear in a short time.

As a kidney disease patient, I have many symptoms, such as oliguria urinary, polydipsia, and polyphagia, which lasting for about 10 years. At recent months, my serum creatinine level increased, even swelling became serious. The local doctor said to me that these medicines have no improvement for my condition, so there is no choice but dialysis to treat my disease.

But luckily, I came to Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital, which a excellent professional kidney disease hospital. After that, my life has been changed.

When I arrived at there, through checkup, the result showed that my blood pressure was 140/90 mmHg, hemoglobin 119 g/L, protein +, occult blood +-, UA 580 umol/L. The expert team made a specific treatment according to my condition. They gave me systemic therapies, including toxin-removing therapies, traditional Chinese medicines, foot bath and so on. Through 15 days treatment, I am very happy for my swelling disappeared and blood pressure 120/80 mmHg, protein and occult blood were negative, UA 354 umol/L. At the same, my urine volume increased to 1500 ml/24h from 700ml/24h.

The purpose of sharing my story in here is to tell you: as a diabetic nephropathy patient, you should not give up the treatment. You only insist your belief and fight against with the disease. I believe that you can find a good hospital and expert to help you get rid of the disease. Hope the patients can get correct and proper treatment soon.

This is the patient’s story, in which he expressed his feelings and wishes. If you are curious about our hospital’s therapies, and want to know more information about kidney disease, please leave message to us.

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