The Curative Effect after Using Toxin-Removing Therapies for Diabetes Patients

Diabetic nephropathy refers to kidney problem caused by years of uncontrolled diabetes. If diabetic kidney disease patients have no timely and right treatment, the condition will have many other complications, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and so on. So, what are the proper treatments for diabetes patients?

Selmoni Ismet is from Australia, 82 years old. He was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy. When he arrived at our hospital, he was weak and even could not walk at the beginning. Our experts gave him a systemic test, and made correct treatment plan according to his condition.

Diabetes has many complications, such as skin itching, swelling in two feet, poor appetite and cold and so on. The patient creatinine was 589 before treatment, and blood urea nitrogen was 28.4 umol/L. at the same time, he also had the symptoms of swelling serious on two feet, poor appetite, did not want to speak, skin itching on the whole body, always felt cold, and hands were very dry.

While, through one and half month of treatment, his condition had extremely changed. The creatinine reduced to 311 umol/L, blood urea nitrogen reduced to 13.2 umol/L. The swelling symptom disappeared and appetite improvement, he could walk by himself, skin itching disappeared and anemia improvement.

Patient was satisfied with the result and discharged from hospital. doctors gave him some advice for taking medicines and diet in daily life. Finally, his condition had been controlled well.

So for kidney disease patients, once found the disease, you should see doctors in specialized hospital in time. If you have any kidney disease problem to consult, please feel free to contact us. Good luck!

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