The toxin-removing therapies for diabetic nephropathy patients

Kidneys easily injury and can be caused kidney disease by high blood pressure, diabetes, even cold. So protecting kidneys is very important.

K G Nawal was diagnosed with kidney disease in basis of diabetes, which bothered him. In 1999, he was checked out diabetes, he didn’t pay attention to it. Gradually, in 2008, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and so on symptoms occurred. After checked up in local hospital, found not only high blood sugar, but also high blood pressure. Blood pressure reached 220/110mmHg, meanwhile, proteinuria 2+, serum creatinine reached 368 umol/L. The doctor only gave him some medicines to treat, but the effects were unstable. Last year, his blood pressure was 180/100 mmHg, serum creatinine 890 umol/L. Under doctor suggestion, he started peritoneal dialysis. Through one year dialysis, there was no improvement. To a better treatment, his son sought treatment on website. Luckily, he saw the Chinese therapies of Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital. They wanted to have a try, and came to China.

After doctor gave him a thorough checkup, the report showed serum creatinine 709 umol/L, kidney function damaged seriously. For diabetes patients, the biggest problem is not to control blood sugar or blood pressure, but to open the blocked renal arterioles, recover kidney microcirculation, prevent kidney further damage. The treatments before only focus on reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, so they have no help for kidney function repair. Thus the effects of treatment are not satisfied.

The first step we take is to clear up toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells. Through oral Chinese medicines, medicated bath, foot bath and other toxin-removing therapies, the patient first felt his body warm, especially hands and feet, which made him surprising. One week later, the report made him surprising again, which before dialysis, serum creatinine reduced to 400 umol/L, after dialysis, reduced to 259 umol/L. Only no more than ten days treatments, the effects are so curative. The patient’s mood is positive, which is helpful for the control of blood pressure. Soon he discharges from hospital, and back to his country.

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