Toxin-Removing Therapies for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

Do you know our hospital’s toxin-removing therapies? Have you heard of it? It is the characteristic treatments in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. Here I introduce a case which got diabetic nephropathy.

Sallm is 58 years old, who was diagnosed 4 stage of diabetic nephropathy when he came to our hospital. He had the disease for 20 years, which creatinine increased 4 years, and had been on dialysis for 3 months. High blood pressure 160/80 mmHg with anemia, creatinine reached 736 umol.

To have a better treatment and avoid dialysis, he came to our hospital. One of our characteristic methods is precise diagnosis. If having no correct diagnosis, doctors will not give prescription. According to patient’s condition, our experts confirm treatment plan, which focus on toxin-removing therapies, combine with traditional Chinese medicines to help to discharge toxins, open blood vessels and meridians, improve microcirculation, and repair kidney functions.

After treatment for 18 days, the patient blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg, anemia relieves, creatinine reduces to 606 umol. You must want to know how we do that.

In fact, the key of treatment is repair impaired renal tissues, and protect them from further damage. Only do this, kidney function can recover and work again. Toxin-removing therapies are one of the most effective treatments, which through several years of clinical experience, our experts found. The root of kidney disease is various toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells. So we lay stress on cut kidney disease from the root.

As diabetic kidney disease patients, you should pay attention to rest and avoid hard exercise, clod, and infection and so on. Pay attention to daily diet, such as low-salt, low-fat, high quality protein. If you have more questions about diabetes, please contact our online experts.

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