The treatment for diabetic nephropathy patients

Diabetic kidney disease is a common disorder which caused by genetic and environment. Recently, there are no treatments to cure it. But we can use kinds of methods to control. If diabetic kidney disease patients have no timely and right treatment, the condition will have many other complications, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and so on. Therefore, what is the right treatment? How to reduce blood sugar?

Khalil is a diabetic kidney disease patient, was born in UAE, aged 57, married. He has symptoms of polydipsia, polyphagia, and polyuria 10 years ago. Serum creatinine level has been increased 3 years. He always takes western medicines to control the symptoms. When the patient came to our hospital, he had poor eating, fatigue, and had a small accident on the road, which caused skin broken on his leg. After hospitalized, we gave him the comprehensive physical examination and laboratory tests. Which showed blood pressure was 170/100mmHg; fasting glucose was 5.8mmol/L. The diagnosis was diabetic nephropathy 2 type.

The biggest characteristic treatment in our hospital is removing blood toxins in human bodies. Because of lots of toxins in blood, any medicine can not work the real effects. So, we regard removing toxins as the important and first step when treating kidney disease. The nurses insist on clean the wound for patient and walking with patient every day. Through Chinese medicines treatments, they can play the effects of detoxification, controlling blood sugar, bringing blood pressure down, gradually repairing kidney inherent cells function, and achieving the purpose of kidney function recovery.

Through treatment, patient’s wound on the leg recovered well and fatigue disappeared. Moreover, his appetite became very well, and blood pressure controlled in about 130/80mmHg. He and his family are excited. Patient now has deep trust on us, and introduces our hospital to other patients.

This is the curative effect for the diabetes patient. If you are diabetes patient, or want to know the detailed information, you can contact us at any time. Good luck!

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