How to reduce occult blood for patient with diabetic kidney disease?

Many patients have diabetic nephropathy, and have no idea to occult blood when checkup. So what causes the occult blood and how to reduce it? There is a case for the condition to treat.

Jairal Lemuel was born in Philippines, 52 years old, married. His has diabetic kidney disease symptoms of polyphagia, polydipsia, polyuria for 15 years. Creatinine level increase one year. He has been on dialysis 8 days. When he came to our hospital, our doctors gave him a systematic checkup, which had various symptoms of poor appetite, fatigue, and fever, sore throat, frequent urine and skin itching in back. The urine routine was BLD 1+, and creatinine 1056umol/L. He was diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

According to his condition, our doctors took a series of measures to treat. The treatments include: hypothermia, hypoglycemic, resisting infection, relieving itching and so on. And then, using the characteristic therapies in our hospital, treat the disease from the root. We always have one concept: detoxification first, and then repair impaired kidneys. Combine the “four one” treatment, which are external application of Chinese herbal medicines, foot bath, Chinese herbal medicine orally, and Maikang mixture, removing the toxins and wastes in the body. They have functions of promoting blood circulation and blood stasis, opening the meridians and collaterals, tomifying qi and blood, blood purification and so on. At last, gradually achieve the effects which detoxification and repairing kidney functions and make kidney work again.

After treatment of 28 days, the patient had good appetite, fatigue and itching in his back symptoms disappeared. Urine routine test showed occult blood reduced normal range. Before dialysis, creatinine was 678umol/L. However, after dialysis, creatinine reduced to 275umol/L. This means that patient’s kidney functions have been great improved. The curative effect made patient surprised and satisfied. After discharge, the patient continue to use our therapies—foot bath, Chinese herbal medicine. he and his family are willing to introduce pure oriented patients for pur hospital.

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