The treatment for patient with high proteinuria

Proteinuria is easy to cause primary disease, such as various renal diseases. So it is important and necessary to reduce proteinuria level. If patients don’t have the proper treatment, it will worsen the condition. What should proteinuria patients do?

Due to the function of glomerular filtration and renal tubular reabsorption, protein volume in healthy urine is very little (urine output less 150 mg per day). But once the protein volume increases, common urinary routine examine can check out, called it proteinuria.

The patient was born Canada, 51 years old, married. His has disease history with intermittent dizziness and headache for 15 years, frequent urination at night for 11 years. The nocturia volume was about 800 ml per night. After several years of treatment, the condition didn’t have improved. To further treatment, the patient came to our hospital. Nine months ago, he checked urine routine, which showed 24-hour urine protein was 2.6 g/24h. When he was hospitalized, he had symptoms of poor appetite, fatigue, high blood pressure, dizziness and headache. Blood pressure was 140/80 mmHg. Protein in urine was 2+. We diagnosed the condition was diabetic kidney damage.

According to these symptoms, the doctors made a complete treatment for patient, which the aim is to remove toxins out kidney, including Chinese herbal medicines, foot bath, and oral herbal medicines. They has the functions of opening blood meridians and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and blood stasis, reducing toxins and wastes in body, repairing impaired kidney. With the interaction of several medicines, kidney toxins can be removed and gradually recovering kidney function. Therefore, high blood pressure and proteinuria will be reduced.

By the treatment for 31 days, patient had a better spirit, diet, and sleep. The urinary protein quantity in 24 hours was 0.83/24h, which was markedly improved. After patient discharged hospital, he continued use our traditional Chinese medicines treatment, contact us closely. He also strictly ate low-salt, low-protein diet according to doctor’s suggestion, and had regular checkup: urine routine, kidney function, and blood routine. Now we are still insisting on discharge follow-up, the patient is extremely recognized to our treatment.

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