What are the Common Symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy?

Diabetic nephropathy is kidney problem which closely related to years of uncontrolled diabetes. Therefore, what are the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy? Here I will give you a specific introduce.
Generally speaking, there are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy. The only sign of the disease is the small amount of protein leaking out in urine, which does not lead to the patients’ notice. So after they pay attention, it means that the disease has developed more serious condition. With the development of the diabetic nephropathy, a lot of symptoms of the disease will appear, including:
The symptom will in around the eyelid firstly, and then in the whole body. There are two reasons which caused to swelling. The one is kidney damage. Kidney is an organ which keeps the balance of electrolyte and water. Once there is something wrong with kidney, sodium can not be discharged from the body, which leads to water retention. So the balance must be broken. The other one is protein flows out. Because the protein flows out, the protein amount in blood will be reduced, which leads to the plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, fluid flows to intercellular space, which will contributes to swelling.
Foamy urine:
Kidney can filter the waste products and excessive water in body, and keep the beneficial substances for the kidney, such as protein, blood cells and so on. However, when the kidney damaged, protein will leak out. If the condition can not be controlled in time, more and more protein in urine will cause to foamy urine.
High blood pressure:
In the end of diabetic nephropathy, more and more patients will suffer from the high blood pressure. It is because that prostaglandin is affected by damaged kidney which used to lower blood pressure. Moreover, the water and sodium retention will also cause high blood pressure.
Of course, there are other symptoms of diabetic nephropathy, such as skin itching, headache, loss of weight and so on.
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