Treatment for Shortness of Breath in Diabetic Nephropathy

Treatment for Shortness of Breath in Diabetic NephropathyWhy do many Diabetic Nephropathy patients often complain about that they are bothered by shortness of breath and whether there is a treatment which can help them get rid of this symptoms from root?

Today our specialists will introduce Diabetic Nephropathy patients our Traditional Chinese Medicine which can help them live a high quality life.

Why do Diabetic Nephropathy patients have symptom of shortness of breath? The main reason is the toxins in blood cause damage to respiratory system and the formation of toxins is due to the injured kidney failing excrete the metabolism wastes out of body. Except shortness of breath, these toxins also can cause damage to other systems and tissues. Diabetic Nephroapthy patients who want to cure these symptoms and complications from root must repair their injured kidney and improve the kidney function as much as possible.

Traditional western medicine only can remit the symptoms temporary through absorbing the toxins, inhibiting immunoreaction or others. Without doing something for the kidney, patients become more and more dependent on these medicine, in turn the kidney disease is more and more serious, followed by more serious symptoms and complications. So more and more Diabetic Nephropathy patients accept the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment which can remit symptoms and treat kidney disease at the same time. These Chinese therapies include:

Steaming therapy: patients will excrete lots of sweat to clean toxins in blood through steaming with medicine, moreover, the steam with medicine also can promote the blood circulation, decrease the deposition of wastes.

Medical bath: the active substances which have diffusing function can enter into body through the medical bath. At the work of the medicine, patients will excrete lots of urine and sweat, reaching the purpose of cleaning toxins in blood.

Hot compress: through applying the medicine around the kidney area, the active substances in medicine can enter into kidney, functioning on expending blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing and degrading extra cellular matrix. Try its best to repair the injured kidney and improve kidney functions.

There are other therapies which are alternative for Diabetic Nephroapthy patients according to the specific physical condition of patients. The purpose of our treatment is improving the blood circulation condition, so that the kidney disease and these symptoms such as shortness of breath both can be remitted and patients can live a normal life like common people. And if you want to know more information about our treatment or Diabetic Nephropathy, contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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