Best Ways to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy

In recent years, the incidence of diabetes is on the rise. As a major of complication of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy is no exception. Well, are there some effective ways to prevent it from occurring?

Best Ways to Prevent Diabetic NephropathyAt our center, experts in this field carefully summarized the following advices:

Keep a healthy diet In most cases, the diet plan can be low-salt, low-fat, low-protein, balance of calcium and potassium, high-fiber and so on. Meanwhile, they should take some fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc to supply enough vitamins, minerals to the human body. Let’s take walnuts for example, it can not only lower the cholesterol level but also a good source of antioxidants. For personalized tips, our free online service on the upper-right corner can be your reliable partner.

Take moderate exercises regularly It is reported that regular exercises can help lower the risk for diabetic nephropathy. And these physical activities can be brisk walking, jogging, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. In the meanwhile, the time should be well controlled, and 2-2.5 hours a week is okay.

Control of blood sugar and blood pressure Get your blood sugar and blood pressure checked regularly can help reduce the degree of kidney damage. In most cases, medications like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, etc are used to lower blood pressure and protect renal function.

Cooperate with your doctor actively Tell doctors about the family history and your current condition. At the same time, remember do not to take drugs blindly without their guidance. Besides, suffers should also control the body weight, kick off the bad habits, for example, smoking and drinking.

If you or your beloved one is suffering from diabetic nephropathy, we believe the above-mentioned ways can be favorable. Any questions about this, you are welcomed to email Best regards!

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