Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy in Daily Life

Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy in Daily LifeFor patients with Diabetic Nephropathy, they should realize that this disorder may progress into kidney failure without effective control. To live a high quality life, effective prevention should not be ignored. Read on and you can find the answer.

Effective control of blood sugar level. High blood sugar level is a typical symptom of this progressive disorder. If left untreated, it will cause further damage to kidneys. So, patients should try to control blood sugar level at a normal range.

Keep blood pressure under control. It is known to us that persistent high blood pressure will worsening patients’ illness condition. Therefore, effective control of hypertension is necessary. And it should be controlled at 130/80mm Hg. In general, anti-hypertensive drugs like ACEI or ARBs are always good choices.

Scientific diet. Generally speaking, the diet principle should be low-salt, low-protein, low-fat and high-fiber. In addition, they can eat some whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. However, as the illness condition varies, the specific diet plan should be different. If you are interested in this, please email After study, we will provide you with an individualized dietary regime.

Moderate exercises. Taking moderate physical activities are very important for patients with diabetic nephropathy. And they can take some of the following exercises, such as, swimming, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, etc.

Even if the above methods can not cure this disorder, they can still function in slowing down its progression. Except for these methods, experts at our Kidney Disease Hospital also recommend patients with some effective treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Medicated Bath. If you are interested in this, please consult with our online doctor directly.

After the above tips about the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, we really hope you can benefit a lot. Anything unclear about this topic, you can leave us message below. Good luck!


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