Whether Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Can Eat Prawns

Whether Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Can Eat PrawnsDiabetic nephropathy is not a simple disease, the diet for the disease is very strict, so, whether Diabetic Nephropathy patients can eat prawns?

Generally speaking, less prawn is ok for diabetic nephropathy, since there are many nutrients in prawn. Such as, prawn is rich in calcium, most diabetic nephropathy patients may experience renal bone disease due to the shortage of calcium. So, moderate prawn is beneficial to patient’ health.

In addition, vitamin A in prawn is also helpful to satisfy the need of patients’ body. Besides, vitamin B2 and B1 in the food also play an important role in protecting kidneys and improving the quality of life.

However, patients should pay attention to the intake, too much prawn may cause the following shortages:

High phosphorus level

Since there is abundant phosphorus element in prawn, if patients eat too much prawn, it is possible to cause high phosphorus level. For diabetic nephropathy, the failed kidneys can not control the balance of phosphorus and calcium, failed kidneys can not discharge extra phosphorus, thereby, patients should limit the intake of prawn.

Aggravate proteinuria

In fact, prawn also contains large quantity of protein. In diabetic nephropathy, patients can present proteinuria due to the loss of renal function. In this case, if patients eat too much prawn, proteinuria will be aggravated and it is not beneficial to delay the progression of renal damage.

High potassium level

Mostly, there is also abundant potassium element in prawn. In this disease, failed kidneys can not control the balance of potassium correctly. High potassium is very dangerous, it can lead to hyperpotassemia, in certain severe condition, it even can cause death. So, diabetic nephropathy patients need to avoid too much prawn and pay attention to some high potassium foods, for example, spinach, potato, banana, mushroom, black fungus and so on.

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