Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Dried Shrimp

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Dried ShrimpDried shrimp is loved by many people, so, can diabetic nephropathy patients eat dried shrimp? Follow me to find the answer.

First, we need to form a basic understanding about the constituent of dried shrimp.

There are more than 55% protein in dried shrimp, in addition, there is abundant phosphorus element and calcium element in this food. So, can diabetic nephropathy patients eat the food?

Generally, right amount of dried shrimp is ok. But patients should limit the intake of this food. Too much or too less is not beneficial to control the process of the disease. So, patients should consult with doctors before eating it. If you happen to be diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy, and wonder how much dried shrimp can you eat? Send your test report to, after careful analysis, we will give you a specific answer.

So, why do patients need to pay attention to dried shrimp?

Much protein

In diabetic nephropathy, the failed kidneys can not carry out its function correctly. If patients eat too much dried shrimp, the massive protein can increase the burden of failed kidneys and aggravate renal damage. Thereby, too much protein is not beneficial to control the development of the disease.

High phosphorus level

Most diabetic nephropathy patients may experience high phosphorus level, and lots of phosphorus element can lead to irregular heartbeat, cause a series of heart diseases. So, patients should control the intake of this food.

Except for dried shrimp, there are many foods that patients should pay more attention to. For example, limit the salt intake, common rich salt foods are: pickles, can products, seafoods, and so on. In addition, some high potassium foods including spinach, potato, mushroom, black fungus, banana, etc should be avoided.

By now, our experts have made a personalized food list that can relieve illness condition. If you want to get such a list, or you still have doubts about whether diabetic nephropathy patients can eat dried shrimp, leave a message below, we will reply you as soon as possible. Good luck!


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