What Can I Eat If I Have Diabetic Nephropathy

What Can I Eat If I Have Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes, the diet for the disease is very strict. Then, people may ask: what can i eat if i have diabetic nephropathy?

What is diabetic nephropathy?

It is one of the most common diseases, especially in developed countries, the renal failure rate that is caused by the disease is the highest. Except for an effective treatment, a personalized diet management can also help to control the process of the disease. So, what can i eat if i have diabetic nephropathy?

Limit salt

Patients with diabetic nephropathy should limit the intake of salt, which can damage blood vessels, too much salt is not beneficial to control blood pressure. However, the specific salt volume is decided by patients’ own illness condition. If you want to know how much salt can you take, send your test report to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, after careful analysis, we will give you a characterized suggestion.

Control the intake of protein

Protein is significant for the body, however, diabetic nephropathy patients should control the intake of rich protein foods, and supply some high-quality protein, such as, fish, milk, egg white, lean meat and so on.

Low fat

Too much fat will increase the burden of failed kidneys. So, some foods that are rich in fat should be paid more attention to, such as, animal inner organs, red meat, butter, dairy, sweets, and so on.

Keep away from high phosphorus foods

Since diabetic nephropathy patients will present high phosphorus level, thereby, patients should avoid lots of phosphorus element, common high phosphorus foods including, sea foods, laminaria japonica, soy foods, etc.

Except for the above details, they should also take more fresh fruits and vegetables, keep enough sleep and rest. If you want to get a characterized diabetic nephropathy food list, leave a message below, we will give you the answer within 48 hrs.


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