Diet for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

Diet for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy For patients with Diabetic Nephropathy, diet play a significant role in the whole treatment. A proper diet can not only provide nutrients, but also slow down its progression. Read on and you can find a satisfied answer.

Restrict the intake of salt

Patients should realize the importance of low-salt diet, because it can not only control high blood pressure but also relieve swelling. And the daily intake of salt should be no more than 5g. Therefore, the foods that abundant in salt should be avoided, such as cured meat, salty foods, processed foods, etc.

Low-protein diet

When kidneys are damaged, excessive intake of protein will aggravate the burden of kidneys. So patients should obey a low-protein diet. In addition, they can take some high-quality protein foods. Such as, milk, egg, lean meat, fish and so on.

Limit the intake of fat

Diabetic nephropathy patients should limit the intake of fat, as high fat diet can lead to arteriosclerosis and some cardiovascular diseases. And they are suggested to take some vegetable oil rather than animal oil.

Well control of potassium

Accompanied with kidney damage, extra potassium may accumulate in the blood. And study have shown that high potassium diet can lead to an irregular heartbeat. As the illness condition varies from person to person, the diet plan should be different. If you are interested in it, you can email and our experts will reply you soon.

The above is an overview of proper diet for diabetic nephropathy, we really hope it can be helpful. Any doubts about this topic, you can leave us message below or consult with our online doctor directly. Best wishes!

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