What Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients after Dialysis Eat on Earth

What Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients after Dialysis Eat on EarthWhat should I eat? It is always the most problem for patients with kidney disease asked. Of course, it is also one of the most problems diabetes patients asked. What should diabetic nephropathy patients after dialysis eat on earth?

Diabetic nephropathy is not only one of the most serious complications of diabetes, but also the main factor of the end stage renal disease. It is a kind of glomerular lesion caused by blood vessels damage.

Diet principles for diabetic nephropathy patients are divided into two kinds: patients before dialysis, and after dialysis. Here I will discuss the diet restrictions for patients after dialysis. More free and fast information can be provided by online doctor.

What should diabetic nephropathy patients after dialysis eat?

For patients after dialysis, the condition of them will be improved well and appetite increases. But patients must pay attention to diet intake, and adhere to certain principles according to the doctor’s suggestion.

The total calories of the diet and protein quality should be increased. That is because that the body will lose protein 2 to 3.5 g every time dialysis. After dialysis, patients should intake 1 to 1.2 g/kg protein in diet, every day patients can eat two eggs and favorable fish, meat to supplement blood.

Furthermore, patients should intake low-phosphorus, rich in iron and vitamin C diet, so as to reduce the absorption of phosphorus and supplement lost vitamin.

All in all, it is very important for the kidney disease patients to protect kidney functions through keeping low-protein, low- cholesterol, and unsaturated fatty acid diet, especially for diabetic nephropathy patients who are in early stage.

In addition, diabetic nephropathy patients must strictly control the intake of protein, salt, and water; eat more vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C.

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