Diet for Preventing Diabetic Nephropathy

Diet for Preventing Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy is the serious and common complication of diabetes which has become one of the leading causes for end stage renal disease, so preventing diabetic nephropathy is very important for diabetes patients to love a long and healthy life. Except the timely and effective treatment, the diet also plays an important role in controlling the development of the disease. Here will list some diet rules for diabetes patients to prevention.

1. Blood glucose control

The continuous rising of blood glucose will induce the disorders of fats and cholesterol metabolism which can lead to thickening and sclerosis degeneration of glomerulus and renal capillary inner membrance. So try to limit the intake of calories, keep taking oral hypoglyceimic agents and try to avoid glycemic fluctuation caused by emotions, infections, etc.

2. Salt

Low salt intake can decrease the kidneys metabolism burden, and the proper salt intake for diabetic patients should be less within 7g/d. But if patients suffer symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, they should inject some salt rather than limit it.

3. Protein

Low quantity but high quality protein intake is necessary for diabetes patients to decrease kidney metabolism burden and support the human body need. Protein intake should be controlled within 0.6-0.8g/kg per day. It is better to take fish, lean meat, milk instead of vegetables protein.

4. Vitamins and trace elements

Patients should take in enough vitamins and trace elements, especially VB, VC, zinc, calcium, and iron, which can protect kidney.

and for diabetic nephropathy patients, they also need pay more attention to the water intake, potassium intake, calcium and phosphorus intake and so on. Now if you want to know more information about diet for diabetes or diabetic nephropathy patients, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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