Can Diabetic Nephropathy patients Drink Tea or Coffee

Can Diabetic Nephropathy patients Drink Tea or CoffeeMany people have habit of drinking tea or coffee in their daily life, but for diabetic nephropathy patients, they have to follow the strict diet plan for a healthy physical conditions. There are too many limitations in their daily eating and drinking. Can diabetic nephropathy patients drink tea or coffee, which also is one of the questions patients most curious about.

Tea or coffee for diabetic nephropathy patients

1. Tea polyphenol in tea has strong functions in antioxidant and it can clean the excessive free radicals, blocking the lipid peroxidation and decreasing the tissues damages.

2. Catechinic acid in tea can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and other neutral fat in blood and liver, decreasing the rates of being attacked by arteriosclerosis.

3. In addition, the tea polyphenol also can keep the blood vessel pliable and inhibit the permeability of capillaries, which are helpful for controlling diabetes.

4. The stong tea is not suitable for diabetic nephropathy patients for it is rich in caffeinum and other active substances which can lead to high blood pressure or heart-rate quickened.

5. Coffee not only can lead to high blood pressure, but also can lead to high cholesterol, aggravate the hardening of the arteries, cause kidney metabolism burden and so on, so diabetic nephropathy patients should limit the coffee intake.

All in all, diabetic nephropathy patients can drink weak tea instead of strong tea, but the coffee should be limited. What deserved to mention is diabetic nephropathy with renal insufficient and hyperkalemia also should avoid drinking tea, in addition, patients with edema should decrease tea intake which is counted in whole fluids intake in one day.

Diabetic nephropathy patients can drink weak tea according to their specific physical conditions and avoid drinking tea. Patients should form a healthy lifestyle and made a scientific diet plan under the suggestions of their doctors. And if you want to know more information about diabetic nephropathy, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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