Diet Management for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Diet Management for Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsFor normal people, they need a scientific diet plan to keep health, what’s for patients. For diabetic nephropathy patients, they not only need pay more attention to control their blood sugar level, but also try their best to protect their kidney function. Our life can't do without diet, and patients can keep the serious body damage away through the reasonable diet management.

1. Control the heats intake: patients should keep the proper heats intake to make sure the metabolism balance. The insufficient heats intake can accumulate the metabolism of protein and fat to support the body need, which can lead to high toxins level, acidosis, malnutrition and so on. And the overtake of heats can lead to hyperlipidaemia, fat and other problems, accumulating the development of the disease. The proper heats intake should depend on the weight of patients and the number is 30-35kilocalorie per day.

2. Choose proper foods with sugar: patients often think that the starch intake can cause the high blood sugar, so they usually limit the sugar intake strictly. However, when diabetes patients has suffer kidney disease, they are recommended with low protein diet, at the same time, patients need foods with sugar to support the nutrition of human need and patients should choose the proper sugar kinds to intake. Foods with low GI include potatoes, lotus root starch, taro, sweet potato, pumpkin and so on.

3. Limit the protein intake: one of the basic diet rules for renal insufficient patients is low protein intake for too much protein intake can heavier the burden of kidney, leading to further kidney damage. But the long time low protein diet can lead to malnutrition and other complications, so foods such like milk, egg whites, lean are recommended for these foods contain high quality protein which would not cause burden for patients.

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