Diet for Diabetic Nephropathy patients with High Blood Pressure

Diet for Diabetic Nephropathy patients with High Blood PressureFor diabetic nephropathy patients, a scientific diet plays an important role in controlling the their symptoms. High blood pressure is the common symptom of diabetic nephropathy and it can accelerate the development of the disease. This article will introduce diabetic nephropathy patients the diet rules to control the blood pressure.

1. Limit the salt intake: too much salt intake can increase the blood volume and blood viscosity, shrinking the blood vessels and leading to high blood pressure. And common people who take more salt suffer the high rates of being attacked by high blood pressure. In the daily diet, patients should avoid salted fish, pickles, sauce, ham and other processed foods. For diabetic nephropathy patients with high blood pressure who have suffer heart failure, renal insufficient, edema, shortness of breath and so on, they has better stop the salt intake.

2. Limit the fat intake: patients should avoid foods with high fat mainly including the animal fat and high cholesterol foods, such as pork liver, beef liver, lard, butter, egg yolks, fish roe, and animal brain, kidney, intestine, etc.

3. Eating more vegetables: fresh vegetables contains rich vitamins which can prevent the angiosclerosis. In addition, the vitamins in vegetables also can keep a normal bowel movement. And some vegetables such like celery also can lower blood pressure.

4. Limit fluids intake: with the kidney function decline, the extra water in body can not be excreted out effectively. Too much fluids intake can lead to water and sodium retention which also are related with the blood pressure.

Diabetic nephropathy patients must make and adjust their diet plan according to their specific physical conditions. And they must follow the rules of protecting kidney function and controlling blood sugar at the same time. Now if you want to know more information about diet for diabetic nephropathy patients with high blood pressure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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