Whether A Vegetarian Diet Is Good for Lowering High Creatinine in Diabetic Nephropathy

Whether A Vegetarian Diet Is Good for Lowering High Creatinine in Diabetic NephropathyMost of Diabetic Nephropathy patients have a mistaken that since the creatinine mainly are the metabolism wastes of muscle and the creatinine of people do more exercise and non vegetarians are little higher than the common people, then may be a vegetarian diet can help them lower creatinine. But this is a wrong idea. Nest we will have a analysis about why Diabetic Nephropathy patients with high creatinine are not suitable for the vegetarian diet.

We hospital has made a research of testing the blood creatinine level of Diabrtic Nephropathy patients who have insist vegetarian diet for 3 days, and finally we found that there is no obvious differences between the Pre-tests and after tests.

In addition, long time of vegetarian diet can not help the patients improve kidney function for the nutrition is one of the most important factors to support the human life. While the imbalance of nutrition, oxidation of amino acids will increase and protein degrading also increase, leading to the change of organs metabolism and internal environment, followed by a series of complications such as poor digestive system, cardiovascular disease and so on.

According to what we mentioned that a short time or long time of vegetarian diet have not obvious business on lowering the high creatinine level. Moreover, it can lead to the nutrition insufficient. So Diabetic Nephropathy patients with high creatinine should have a balanced daily diet, never limit foods intake blindly. In addition, patients need limit the salt intake, protein intake and increase the vitamins intake and so on. As for the quantities, patients need made a plan according to their specific physical conditions.

All in all, a vegetarian diet do nothing for Diabetic Nephropathy patients with high creatinine level, patients need a scientific diet plan to control the development of the disease. But the most important thing for them should be a timely treatment to repair the injured kidney, and maybe patients can reverse their disease after a effect treatment. And if you want to know more information about Diabetic Nephropathy diet or ask for treatment suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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