How to Lower High Creatinine in Stage 4 CKD

How to Lower High Creatinine in Stage 4 CKDWhen the GFR of kidney disease patients decreased into 15-30ml/min, it usually means that patients has stepped into Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. In this period, the GFR of patients are in a severe decrease, so the kidney fail to excrete wastes out of body, followed by a series of complications. High creatinine is the common indicator of many toxins in blood, and what can we do to clean the wastes?

Treatment Options for Lowering High Creatinine in Stage 4 CKD

1. Hemodialysis: some Stage 4 CKD patients has began accepting dialysis which can replace the kidney function at some degrees. For example, it can excrete some micromolecule toxins, wastes and extra water out of body,decreasing the burden of kidney. In addition, it can correct the disorders of electrolytes and adjust the acid-base balance. But it can replace kidney totally for it can do nothing for the middle and macromolecule toxins. And patients usually suffer a lot during the dialysis, such as high blood pressure, anemia, heart disease and so on. Too much time and money also can cause heavier burden for the family.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine: for Stage 4 CKD patients with high creatinine, there is a better choice for them, it is our Tradition Chinese Medicine which includes streaming therapy, medical bath, foot bath, Chinese herbs oral medicine, edema with Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese circle and hot compress therapy. They work together to expend blood vessels, promote blood circulation, dissolve the blood clots and remove the wastes and toxins out of body with metabolism. When we promise that there is continuous health blood flowing into kidney, the ultra immune response of kidney will stopped and the injured kidney cells can be repaired, so that the kidney function can be improved, followed by lowered creatinine.

Stage 4 CKD patients with high creatinine are in a serious period, but patients still have possibility to reverse their kidney functions and enjoy a normal life through a effective and timely treatment. And if you are interested in our kidney disease treatment, you can contact us online or send email to, we will give you the timely response.

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