How to Improve GFR 20 in CKD Naturally

How to Improve GFR 20 in CKD NaturallyWhen the GFR of CKD patients lowered into 20, that mean that the patients has stepped into stage 4 of the disease. GFR 20 means that the kidney function has been lost seriously and more and more toxins can not be excreted out of body, so CKD patients suffer a lot of complications, more worse, they have taken dialysis. Usually, doctors will give them some hormones to control their symptoms, but without the improving GFR, patients have to depend on medicines and dialysis forever.

Now, CKD patients can have a try of our Chinese Medicines Treatment which really can improve your GFR naturally and effectively. There are some introductions about our therapies which are deserved your attention.

Hot compress therapy: it is often called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is be applied on shenshu acupoint. The active substances of Chinese herbs which have the functions of expending blood vessel, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing and degrading extracellular matrix. The medicine can absorb the waste and toxins, than crash the immune complex and excrete them our of body. With the help of our therapy, the blood circulation can be improved, the blood stasis can be dissolved and the blood health condition can be promoted. So without a long time, the ultra immune response and the damage to the kidney can be stopped. In addition, the active substances also can repair the injured kidney innate cells and restore the immune system. All of these things is good for the kidney function and improving the GFR.

Moreover, our therapy is a kind of external application medicine which can decrease the lose of medicine effect and is easy to take without any pains. The most important thing is there is no side effect. CKD patients in our hospital all see magic effect with our therapy.

If you are attacked by CKD and your GFR has lowered into 20 and even more lower, you can have a try our therapy, it will surprise you. And if you are interested in our therapy or want to know more about CKD information, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you in 24 hours.


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