New Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease : “Four 'one' Treatment”

New Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease : “Four 'one' Treatment”At early stage of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), patients may feel nothing. But when CKD patients get serious, there will be many complications bothered them, more worse, it will threat the life of patients. And CKD patients should have a treatment as soon as possible for the earlier you treat your disease, the more proper you get recover. CKD patients may be have a try about our “Four 'one' Treatment” which is natural, CKD patients can suffer less by using our treatment.

All kinds of complications are caused by the polluted blood and the polluted blood will lead to further damage to the kidney. So the most important thing to repair the damaged kidney is to clean the toxins in blood.

Four kinds of medicines include:

1. An dose of oral Chinese medicine: it can clean the turbid toxins,stasis toxins,stagnant toxins at the same time and it is given with different kinds and quantities of Chinese herbs from time to time according to the specific physical condition of patients

2. A bottle of Maikang Composition: it is a kind of Chinese patent medicines which can clean the stasis effectively, and it will be taken during the whole treatment.

3. A dose of external application with Chinese medicine: our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most commonly treatment for CKD patients, it works on the kidney directly. With the active substances permeating into kidney, the blood vessel can be expended, the blood circulation can be promoted and the blood stasis can be dissolved. The toxins can be excreted out of body.

4. A basin of foot bath medicine: it also is made up by Chinese medicine and it play into role through the arteries and veins in foot which are related with the whole body channels. It also can dredge the blood vessel.

The four kinds of medicines supplement each other and work on the whole body togrther and kidney. Without a long time, Chronic Kidney Disease patients can see the magic effect: the low creatinine, the less edema, the normal blood pressure and so on. If you are interested in our “four ‘one’ treatment” or Chronic Kidney Disease, you can consult out online doctors or send email to

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