Chinese Medicines Treatment for Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease

Chinese Medicines Treatment for Stage 5 Chronic Kidney DiseaseWhen patients stepped into stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease, their GFR will less than 15ml/min. In this period, patients usually suffer many kinds of complications due to the damaged kidney, they often take a lot of drugs to control their symptoms, even seriously, they have taken dialysis. Even take some measures, they still suffer a lot. Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease patients are anxious to find a natural and effective treatment for their disease and help them suffer less.

Luckily, traditional Chinese Medicine bring good news for stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease patients. With a series of Chinese medicine therapy, patients can feel much better. An oral Chinese medicine, a bottle of Maikang Composition, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine and a basin of foot bath medicine supplement each other, they have the functions of promoting blood circulation, dissolving blood stasis, cleaning the toxins in blood and inhibiting the ultra immune response through the different parts and veins of human body. Without a long time, patients can see the magic effects, for example, the creatinine are lowered, the edema disappear, the urine increased and so on.

In addition, we hospital also innovates other therapy: steaming therapy, medicinal bath therapy, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) circle therapy, scent moxibustion therapy, the foot bath therapy and medicine enema. All of them play an important role in treating kidney disease.

Stage 5 CKD patients in our hospital have a improvement at different degree after using our Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even some patients who have no urine already can urination again and the patients have taken dialysis decrease the dialysis times.

Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease patients can have a try of our Chinese Medicines. We can not promise we can cure you from root, but we can say patients can feel less pains and improve their life quality. If you have any question want to know, contact our online doctors or send email to

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