Treatment for Skin Itching in CKD with Dialysis

Treatment for Skin Itching in CKD with DialysisRelated data shows that about more than half of CKD patients with dialysis have the symptom of skin itching and 41% of End Stage Renal Disease patients suffer the itching history during the dialysis or after the dialysis. But treatment such as local application or taking anti-itching drugs usually have not obvious effect. Recent years, dialysis technology made a big improvement, the incidence rate has decreased in some degree. But for CKD patients with a long time dialysis, skin itching still is a painful problem. So patients want to find a treatment which can help them get rid of itching.

What cause the skin itching?

1. When the concentration of the urea in sweat is the 50 times of concentration of urea in serum, the skin become dry, leading to skin itching.

2. Too much toxins depositing in blood damages the skin, causing themicroangiopathy. So the skin itching occur.

3. Some patients are allergic to the anticoagulation which is necessary for dialysis.

4. Because of the poor appetite and dialysis, CKD patients always suffer from malnutrition.keratodermia appear and the dry skin lead to itching.

5. Some complications of CKD such like hypercalcemia also can lead to skin itching.

According to what we mentioned, we can know that CKD patients who want to cure the skin itching from root must clear the toxins fully. CKD patients with dialysis in our hospital will accept the blood purification therapy. We all know that dialysis only can clean the micromolecule toxin, for the middle and macromolecule toxins, dialysis has nothing to do with them. But our blood purification can solve this problems. It can eliminate the toxins in blood fully.

Our blood purification treatment is very advanced and it is very famous in all over the world. Combing with our Traditional Chinese Medicine, many CKD patients with dialysis have got rid of skin itching through our blood purification.CKD patients with dialysis can send email to or contact our online doctors to consult more question about our special treatment and CKD.

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