Advanced Blood Purification for Stage 5 CKD

Advanced Blood Purification for Stage 5 CKDUsually, when patients step into stage CKD, their kidney function of excreting toxins are lost seriously or fully. So there are a lot of toxins depositing in blood, threatening the life of patients. For to reduce the pain from complications, stage 5 CKD patients have to accept the treatment of blood purification. Dialysis can replace the kidney at some degree, cleaning some toxins in blood. But dialysis only can excrete some micromolecule toxins such as creatinine, BUN, urea nitrogen and so on, for the mid-molecule and macromolecule toxins such as vitamins, bilirubin, immune complex, it has nothing to do with them. With the development of medical technology, advanced blood purification has established for stage 5 CKD patients.

Stage 5 CKD patients who want to have a effective clearance must know what kinds of toxins remaining in blood. Only know that, we can have a specific blood purification. Stage 5 CKD patients in our hospital will accept the special examination at first which is advanced in all over the world. With the a series of tests, we can know what cause your CKD, which parts of your kidney are damaged and what kinds of toxins remaining in blood. The most important thing is it can direct the doctors prescribing. The spacial examination in our hospital includes blood and urine location tests, kidney damage tests, uremia tests, anti-body tests , lymph cell subgroup tests and protein electrophoresis tests.

After the special examination, we will have a target blood purification. The blood purification equipments such as hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, immune adsorption, combining with our Chinese Medicine, can clean the toxins in your body comprehensively and decrease the pains you suffer from the complications during the blood purification period.

The advanced blood purification technology can help stage 5 CKD patients lower the toxins in their blood, decreasing the damage to other tissues. Stage 5 CKD patients who want to know more about the a series of blood purification equipment or our special examination can send email to or contact our online doctors, we will have a timely response to you.

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