A Better Treatment to Reduce High Creatinine than Dialysis in Stage 5 CKD

A Better Treatment to Reduce High Creatinine than Dialysis in Stage 5 CKDPatients with stage 5 CKD already have taken dialysis for their great mass of kidney function are lost and too much toxin can not be excreted out of body, threatening the life of stage 5 CKD patients. But dialysis only can clean the micromolecule toxins, for the moderate molecule toxins and macromolecule toxins, dialysis has nothing to do with them. And before cleaning the toxin, patients should have a clear idea expect the high creatinine, what other kinds of toxin also exit in blood.

Patients with stage 5 CKD in our hospital will accept a series of special immune examinations at first. Only when we know the specific physical condition of patients, we can have a targeted clearance through different blood purification technology. Except the regular examination, we hospital have the special technical equipment for the uremia test, complement test, antibody test and so on. With these tests, we can diagnose what cause your stage 5 CKD, the specific lesion parts of your kidney and which kinds of toxin stay in blood, all of them can direct doctors prescribing and cleaning toxin with different blood purification technology.

Our blood purification apply the principles of diffusion, convection and adsorption, and it include the hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, immune adsorption. With our special blood purification, we can clean the toxin comprehensively, relieving the pain of patients.

The blood purification treatment is owned only by some large hospital all over the world. And the function of cleaning toxin is very obvious, no matter for the creatinine, bun, sugar such kinds of micromolecule or poison drugs, bilirubin, vitamin such kinds of middle molecule and immune complex, immunoglobulin macromolecule. Patients with stage 5 CKD have so many choices to clean their toxin, so stage 5 CKD patients should keep a positive attitude fight with the disease. And if you want to know more about stage 5 CKD or creatinine, you can contact us online or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

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