How to Help the Patients with Stage 4 CKD to Improve The Renal Function

Usually, for patients with stage 4 CKD, their kidney function has been damaged seriously. And it is a key stage that whether patients can reserve their kidney function. Then how to help the patients with stage 4 CKD improve the renal function?

First, patients should make a scientific diet plan which is important for patients to control their physical condition. For example, low salt intake can decrease the risk of edema. low phosphorus intake is good for the skin and bones. Proper high quality protein not only can support patients the daily need, but also can light the burden of kidney. Moreover, patients should keep sufficient calorie and vitamins intake for they are the most basic resources of our life.

But diets only is a way to alleviate symptoms and delay the development of disease. We should know that the stage 4 CKD is leaded by the ultra immune response on the kidney, which damages the innate cells. diets can not help the patients with stage 4 CKD improve the renal function from foot for it can not repair the injured kidney innate cells. So patients with stage 4 CKD who want to improve the renal function must take treatment timely.

Whether you have heard of immunotherapy which is a kind of treatment combing Chinese medicine and Western medicine. We give the patients a clear immune diagnose through the advanced medical equipment. If you are serious, dialysis is necessary for immune clearance. And we will use some western medicines to alleviate your symptoms and control your physical condition. The key step is that we will use our unique Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmoytherapy which can promote blood circulation and melt blood stasis, supplying kidney with fresh and healthy blood, so that it can adjust the immune system and protect your kidney.

Immunotherapy is only owed by our hospital it has been proved that immunotherapy is helpful to improve the renal function of patients with stage 4 CKD. If you are interested or want to know more, you can leave us massage or contact us online.

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