Can CKD Cause Cardiovascular Disease

Heart is the original power of circulatory organ and kidney is the centre of body excretion. The two organs have intimate relationship. With the deteriorate of kidney function, CKD patients are easily to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Why CKD may cause cardiovascular disease?

The damage of kidney function may influence heart function from following aspects:

1. When the kidney get damaged, the function of kidney to adjust water and sodium in body will also be affected. If the water and sodium cannot be eliminated in time, they will be accumulate in body. Make the blood volume increases. Then the Burden in heart can lead to Ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure and so on. On the other hand, kidney function decline will have effect on the secretion of rennin which can increase the blood pressure, add the burden in kidney.

2. Kidney is the organ that filter blood and eliminate the wastes. If the kidney get damaged, the wastes in kidney cannot be eliminated effectively. Thus influence the heart’s function of contraction, cause Urine toxicity of heart disease and heart failure.

3. CKD patients will also appear various metabolism barrier. Such as lipid metabolic disorder, calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorder , hyperphosphatemia and so on. These are all the risk factors of Cardiovascular disease. If the potassium get too high, arrhythmia will occur, even threaten CKD patients’ life.

CKD patients how to prevent cardiovascular disease?

According to the experts, the patients should following healthy lifestyle, good diet habit, effective treatment.

1. Prevent CKD related complications, for example anemia, calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorder. Treat the kidney disease as well as prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. Control the blood pressure, blood sugar, lipids in the normal level.

3. Take low sugar, low fat, low protein diet into account. Always eat appropriately.

4. Avoid tobacco, wine and stay up, drink proper water. Regular exercise is good for controlling the weight and blood pressure.

5. Effective treatments plays the most important role in preventing the cardiovascular disease. For example, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, TCM, blood stasis therapy and so on.

If you want to know more about CKD patients how to prevent cardiovascular disease, chat with the online doctor or leave a message below, we do can help you.

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