Stage 4 CKD: Is There an Effective Method to Get Rid of Dialysis

Stage 4 CKD: Is There an Effective Method to Get Rid of DialysisStage 4 CKD is very dangerous, in order to maintain the life, most patients will choose dialysis. So, is there an effective method to avoid dialysis?

First, we need to learn some knowledge about stage 4 CKD. In general, there are 5 stages of CKD, and stage 4 is quite severe. When the illness condition develops into stage 5, patients are at the risk of death. So, if patients can control the illness condition in this stage, it is possible to delay the progression of illness. Usually, doctors will suggest patients to do dialysis, which is a replacement method to discharge the toxin, wastes, extra fluid and unwanted substances. To some extent, it really can relieve signs and control the complications.

However, once dialysis is stoped, the physical condition will become more severe. Mostly, dialysis can not remove toxin from the root. When patients stop doing dialysis, there are still massive toxins in the body. In addition, dialysis is fatiguesome, patients need to do 3-5 dialysis every week. And meanwhile, dialysis can lead to many side effects, such as, headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, low blood pressure and a set of signs, which bring great pain to patients both in physical and mental.

Then, how to treat stage 4 CKD without dialysis?

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, according to abundant clinical practices of 20 years, our experts have invented an innovative method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The new method combines traditional Chinese medicine and western technology and equipment. During the course, with the aid of osmosis device, the active medicine can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly. By blocking the progression of renal thrombosis, repairing damaged kidney tissues and cells, rebuilding inherent kidney structure, kidney function can be improved from the root. In this way, it is possible to get rid of dialysis.

After the above analysis, do you know how to treat stage 4 CKD without dialysis? Anything unclear, you can email to or leave a message below.


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