Treatment for GFR 40 in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

Treatment for GRF40 in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney DiseaseGFR40 in stage 3 chronic kidney disease means kidney has lost more than 50% of its function. They can have many symptoms such as edema, backache, blood urine or more urine at night, etc. Their equality in life decreases badly. Now we’ll introduce you an efficient treatment for GFR40 in stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

There’s moderate damage in stage 3 chronic kidney disease. The glomerulus and other renal issues are injured. Glomerular can’t filter toxins out and won’t be able to absorb the nutrition for kidney and the whole body. So patient’s condition is declined.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Crymotherapy

In Micro-Chinese Medicine Crymotherapy, the traditional Chinese medicine are permeated into kidney through advanced machines. It enlarges vessels to improve the state of blood circulation in kidney and then releases the lack of blood and oxygen in inherent cells. This will provide a benign environment for renal cells to repair. GFR40 in stage 3 chronic kidney disease can be released.

Chinese medicine can also resist the inflammation caused by toxic and harmful substances.Anti-inflammation is to reduce the infiltration of infected cells and further damage of glomerular mesangial cell. Furthermore, it is valid for Chinese medicine to avoid freezing in vessels. That is because when infected cells grow, the blood can become thick and cause micro-thrombus in capillary. Anti-freezing is to release the pressure caused by micro-thrombus and make base for mesentery cells to repair. As damaged renal issues restore gradually, GFR40 is going to decrease then.

In the use of medicine, the scientific method is to combine Chinese and western medicine together. We also take use of western medicine to assist treatment such as interleukinⅡ,18 kinds of amino acid, γinterferon and so on. Making best of both Chinese and western medicine can achieve the best result.

If your GFR is around 40, please don’t be so worried. You can consult our online doctors about your specific condition or send us e-mail.

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