How to Deal With Proteinuria in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

How to Deal With Proteinuria in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney diseaseProteinuria is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease. When chronic kidney disease comes to stage 3, much more protein is flowing in urine. It suggests progressive renal damage. How to deal with proteinuria in stage 3 chronic kidney disease?


Immunotherapy is a treatment depending on repairing the immune system of body and will thus alleviate and remove the diseases.

We all know that protein is filtered by glomerulus in normal kidney. While glomerulus get damaged, they can not filtered protein thus proteinuria will happen . When the immune system of patients improves, the ability of glomerulus to prevent protein from getting out will increase gradually. The function of whole kidney will improve, too. Then less protein will flow out and proteinuria will alleviate and even disappear.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims to repair injured inherent renal cells and functions through vessel enlargement, anti-inflammation and coagulation,etc. This is an original therapy created by our hospital.

The measure is to grind the medicines and penetrate them into kidneys through certain machines. It has been proved effective and convenient because it can avoid the side effects of oral medicines. The medicine is more valid than others, glomerulus are likely to restore and will continue to filter protein from flowing out. So proteinuria can be mitigated. Patients can feel more comfortable than before.

Healthy diet

Patients in stage 3 chronic kidney disease are forbidden to eat high-protein and high-fat food such as animal inner organs and butter because these food will increase the burden of kidney. But proper protein is needed for normal functions of the body. So food in high-quality protein is important for example milk, egg white, lean meat, etc.

They are suggested to have light diet and much fresh vegetables and fruits. Spicy and heavy-flavor food is limited for they can cause further injury to kidney.

Medicines which do harm to kidney functions are not allowed to take in.

Proteinuria in stage 3 chronic kidney disease can be alleviated and even reversed by right control and treatment. If you have more questions, please be free to ask us online or send us e-mail.’re happy to help you.

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