Stage 3 CKD and Creatinine 3.6: What Should I Do

Stage 3 CKD and Creatinine 3.6: What Should I DoSerum creatinine, a major index to measure how your kidneys work. When kidneys are impaired, there will be elevated creatinine level. In this text, you can find more info about how to reduce creatinine 3.6 with stage 3 CKD.

Based on GFR, CKD can be classified into 5 stages. In this stage, there is moderate decline in GFR, and the range is 30-59ml/min.

In normal case, serum creatinine varies 0.5-1.2mg/dL. And creatine 3.6 is higher than the normal value. If left untreated, it will increases constantly. In advanced stage, dialysis will be needed to excrete the waste products. However, not everyone is willing to accept this.

How to reduce creatinine 3.6 with stage 3 CKD?

-Hot compress therapy As mentioned above, creatinine 3.6 has close connection with decline of kidney function, so, the core of treatment should focus on this aspect.

It is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, but used externally. And sufferers do not need to worry about its side effects, as the herbs are all selected from nature. More importantly, by promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammatory response, anti-coagulation, etc, renal function will be enhanced finally. Once kidney function is promoted, creatinine 3.6 will declines to a normal value. Anything unclear about this therapy, you can email to for detailed information.

-Follow a healthy diet Scientific diet can not only meets the basic needs of the body, but also lower the burden of impaired kidneys. Generally, the diet plan should be low-protein and low-salt. You can click the Live Contact for personalized advice.

-Take exercises regularly and kick off bad habits In daily life, they can take some moderate exercises like walking, jogging, Tai Chi, yoga and so on. Meanwhile, stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

If you are suffering from stage 3 CKD with creatinine 3.6, do remember that we are always here to help. Any doubts, feel free to inform us. Take care!


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