What are The Foods Can I Eat to Lower the Creatinine

What are The Foods Can I Eat to Lower the CreatinineAfter the doctor diagnose the person with kidney problem and seen the elevated creatinine level in the lab test reports, they wonder how can they be cured. Unfortunately, some doctors will told them to pay attention to diets and wait for the dialysis. And thus, some patients ask “what are the foods can I eat to lower the creatinine?

To be honest, the creatinine can not be lowered with foods simply. The reason why the doctor requires the patients to control the meals is aimed at reducing the kidney damage and delaying the development ahead of dialysis, rather than telling the patients are in a light condition and that they can get a cure without medicines.

For taking good care of a kidney disease patient with high creatinine level, we must know what should they do. Generally speaking, the patients need to have the low-salt, low-protein, low-fat and other limitations in dietary control according to the patients’ present illness-conditions, or else, the medical state will be worse and worse rapidly. By the way, you can contact our Online Doctor for personal diet-plan in free.

Treatments are necessary. If the patients are in the onset phase, almost all the doctors will give the drugs to control the symptoms. However, these can not prevent the relapse of these any more. That is to say, what the patients need is a fundamental treatment.

In China, the renal doctor adopted a set of Chinese medicine including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Cycle Therapy, Acupuncture, Steaming Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy and others to adjust the balance between how fast new damage strikes our cells and how efficiently this damage is corrected by taking away the poisons accumulated in the blood and offering enough nutrients for the kidney renewal. Later, the creatinine level will be lowered, and the patients will live a better life.

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