Should I Take Treatment with Creatinine 2.1 Now

Should I Take Treatment with Creatinine 2.1 NowAs for majority kidney disease patients, creatinine 2.1 is not dangerous. But can you imagine what happens if you delay the condition? If you do not take treatment in time, it will cause serious problem. Should I take treatment with creatinine 2.1 now? Our answer is YES.

What happens as for patients with creatinine 2.1?

In medicine, creatinine 2.1 is in stage 2 chronic kidney disease, which there is no obvious symptom to indicate kidney damage. It is because that our kidney has strong compensatory ability, thus they still can play functions well. But when patients realize the elevated creatinine level, their renal functions have been lost about 40% or even more than 50%.

Stage 2 CKD is easy to reverse if you take proper treatments to control its progression in time. Otherwise, more and more renal functions will be lost, even at last patients have no choice but to take dialysis or kidney transplant. The result is what we do not want to see.

Therefore, in order to avoid renal failure occurrence and prevent or delay the progression of kidney disease, proper treatments and healthy life style are suggested.

What is the proper treatment to help patients with creatinine 2.1?

If you want to live a high quality life with kidney disease, our expert suggests Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. It is a new and innovative treatment of Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine from nature.

Compared other treatments, it is external application, which patients just need to lie on the bed during the whole treatment process without any discomfort or sense of pain. Many patients describe it like having a sleep comfortably. Through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, providing necessary nutrition and oxygen to damaged kidney so as to promote blood volume and gradually repairing mild kidney damage and restoring renal functions. Creatinine 2.1 is easy to reduce from the root.

In a word, creatinine 2.1 should be reduced in time. If you want to know more details about this therapy or reduce high creatinine level effectively, please leave message below or send email to with your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber so that we can give you professional suggestions in time and directly. We are here waiting for you.


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