My GFR is 71 and Creatinine Level 1.7: What Should I Do

My GFR is 71 and creatinine level 1.7: What should I do“I am 32 years old with renal pelvis dilation in right kidney. My Total GFR is 71, and creatnine level is 1.7. What should I do?” A patient left the detailed message on our website. Here is the details about the answer from expert, please go on reading or contact online doctor directly for free.

What do GFR 71 and creatinine level 1.7 mean?

In medicine, creatinine 1.7 or GFR 71 belongs to stage 2 kidney disease. When people are in stage 2 CKD, kidney is damaged slightly with decrease in GFR of 60 to 89. Generally speaking, symptoms will appear in late stage 2 and early stage 3 although kidney has strong compensatory ability. Creatinine level 1.7 is not very high, thus if you as a kidney disease patient take proper treatment in time, you can prevent it from deterioration or development into stage 3 or 4 or even renal failure quickly.

What you should know is that despite creatinine 1.7 refers to kidney tissues and cells are mildly damaged, you still need pay high attention to it. Otherwise, your illness condition will not be reversed effectively and in time.

Is there any treatment help reduce creatinine 1.7 and improve GFR 71?

Expert in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital recommends Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you, which is external application therapy on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Patients just need lie on the bed during treatment process without any discomfort. Many patients describe it like having a sleep. What is more, this therapy focus on repairing kidney lesion and improving kidney functions. After a period of treatment, GFR will be improved and creatinine 1.7 also will be reduced effectively and patients in early stage have great chance of reversing their illness condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has won good reputation from so many patients, if you want to know more details about this therapy or reduce high creatinine level, please leave message below or contact us by email with your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber in order to contact with you in time and conveniently.



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