Is Kidney Biopsy the Necessary Test to Diagnose Kidney Disease

Is Kidney Biopsy the Necessary Test to Diagnose Kidney DiseaseBiopsy is the most precise test to diagnose kidney disease. During the biopsy process, kidneys and some tissues will be stabbed by the biopsy needle which may further damage kidneys, even induce infection and other complications. Therefore, there are so many patients want to avoid it.

Is kidney biopsy the necessary test to diagnose kidney disease?

As a matter of fact, majority patients do not want to do biopsy at all. They are eager to find the alternative test which has the same effect with biopsy. In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, renal damage can help to check which part of kidney damage and its damage degree. With its help, patients do not need to do biopsy and help to reduce human damage to the kidneys. More information can be provided freely and fast by online doctor.

Renal damage has the functions of helping doctor diagnose renal damage degree and provide guidance for patients take medicines. The test includes regular urine test, such as microalbuminuria, urinary immunoglobulin and 24 hours urinary total protein, regular blood test, blood bio-chemistry checking, etc. All of them will not damage kidney tissues and other organs.

Therefore, we can conclude that it is unnecessary for patients to do biopsy.

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