How to Improve Stage 3 Kidney Disease with Kidney Function 37%

How to Improve Stage 3 Kidney Disease with Kidney Function 37%As for kidney function 37%, it means that the kidney has been damaged more serious, and kidney functions have been lost for about half. Therefore, it is necessary to treat timely in order to inhibit the disease enters into uremia. How to improve stage 3 kidney disease with kidney functions 37%?

What medicines can help to treat stage 3 kidney disease?

Generally speaking, the common treatment medicines for stage 3 kidney disease, such as steroid, and immunosupressive agents, can help to relieve symptoms and delay the progression of disease. But, it is not helpful for the damage kidney tissues and cells. We should know the basic treatment should focus on repair damaged kidney and then kidney functions can be improved naturally.

Is there any other effective treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with kidney function 37%?

Through years of clinical application in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, immunotherapy is very popular for Chronic Kidney Disease, which is one of characteristic treatments in our hospital. It aims to repair damage kidney tissues, strengthen renal functions, and improve immune system. Immunotherapy has main six steps: accurate diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation, and immune protection. The final purpose is to maintain the residual functions, and restore kidney.

Of course, it is not taken alone. It can combine with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress to treat together, which is a great innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is comfortable for patients without any pain or discomfort. With the help of this therapy, patients in stage 3 CKD have great chance to reverse their condition and improve their own life quality to avoid dialysis. As repaired kidney tissues, lost renal functions will be improved correspondingly.

Other treatments here are foot bath, medicated bath, circle therapy, etc. All of them are healthy and natural from nature. Therefore, it is unnecessary for patients to worry about their side effects.

If you are interested in immunotherapy or Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress or other treatments for improve kidney functions, please leave message below, or send us email to and write down your phone number or WhatsApp number for convenient communication timely. Renal expert will reply you as soon as possible.


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