Can Creatinine 3.9 Be Reversed for CKD Patients?

Can Creatinine 3.9 Be Reversed for CKD Patients?Creatinine 3.9 tells the condition is already in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which means that kidneys are damaged in middle degree and the illness of patients obviously aggravate. At the same time, can creatinine 3.9 be reversed for CKD patients? Free and convenient information will be provided by our online renal expert, please add whatsApp: +86-18730617149.

Can creatinine 3.9 be reversed for CKD patients?

In most countries, western medicines and healthy diet are commonly used to help control creatinine levels, relieve symptoms and slow down the progression of condition. However, the final result of most cases is that condition gradually develops kidney failure requiring dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future.

In fact, for Chronic Kidney Disease patients with creatinine 3.9, the condition of patients still has possibility to be reversed if patients choose proper and timely treatment. But it is always delayed so that symptoms and complications of kidney disease are more likely to develop, such as high blood pressure, anemia, feet swelling. Therefore, the most important for patients with creatinine 3.9 is to treat in time and choose reasonable treatment.

What are the natural treatments to reduce creatinine 3.9?

As a professional kidney disease hospital, Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital, we will not aim at reducing creatinine 3.9 or other high creatinine levels, but making kidneys work again through repairing kidney damage and restoring renal functions.

We mainly use Chinese therapies including toxin-removing therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy, oral herbal medicines and so on to treat kidney disease through cleaning toxins and excess wastes in blood, dilating blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, removing immune complexes and blood stasis out of body, anti-inflammation, an-coagulation, degradation, improving the damaged kidney intrinsic cells, etc. these special functions can help gradually repair kidney damage and restore kidney functions. With the recovery of renal function, there is no doubt that creatinine 3.9 will be naturally reduced, also renal failure and dialysis will be effectively avoided.

If you have interests in our treatment for reducing creatinine 3.9 or other kidney disease problem, you can feel free to leave message here or send email to Welcome to your consultation.


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