How to Reduce High BUN in Blood Naturally

Creatine is one common blood test item. If it is higher than the normal value, it is more likely to indicate kidney disease, dehydration, kidney infection or other problems. If you are tested out high BUN level in blood, you must want to ask: how to reduce high BUN in blood naturally. add my whatsApp/Viber :+86-18730617149.

How about the answer? BUN is one terminal produce of protein metabolism that enters into the blood and is discharged out of the body by kidneys. If you eat too much meat, you may have high BUN level temporarily. However, if your BUN keeps in a high level persistently, you need to take some remedies to lower it. The following is an introduce of several natural methods, for lowering high serum BUN.

1. Food therapy

Some foods have an effect of increasing urine output, so as to remove out more waste products including BUN. Generally speaking, food high in potassium has such as effect. Therefore, if you still have high level of kidney function, you can try some of these foods, such as bitter gourd, lemon juice, watermelon, banana, etc.

2. Herbal tea

If you have kidney problem, you are more likely to recommended to limit the intake of tea, coffee and alcohol. In fact, some herbal teas are good for you. For example, dandelion root tea, corn silk tea and nettle leaf tea is able to increase kidney filtration rate. Therefore, you can drink moderation of them to lower high BUN level in blood.

3. Medicated bath

It is one natural remedy that can be taken at either home or hospital. Through increasing blood circulation and enhancing the skin excretion, medicated bath can help eliminate more waste products. Besides, it is also able to improve patients’ immunity.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Some Chinese medicines can help improve the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells and prompt the restoration of impaired kidneys. Therefore, you can try some Chinese medicine to improve your overall health.

Many other natural remedies can also help reduce high BUN in the blood naturally. However, remember to take suitable treatments.

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