What Can You Know From Blood Test

What does blood test mean? For kidney disease patients, they often take blood tests, then what does the blood test indicate? Can blood tests reflect their kidney function?

Routine kidney function is one of the most commonly performed blood tests. The usual blood tests which checks that kidneys are working properly measure the level of urea, creatinine and certain dissolved salts. Through measuring these levels in the blood, we can find the condition of kidney function. add my whatsApp/Viber:+86-15931093124 

1. Urea

Urea is a metabolic product of protein. In normal case, urine is usually passed out in the urine. High blood urea level indicates your kidneys may not be functioning properly. Of course, other factor can also lead to high urea level like dehydration.

2. Creatinine

It is a waste product generated by muscles. Creatinine also passes into the bloodstream, and is usually passed out in urine. A high blood level of creatinine indicates that the kidneys are more likely not to function properly. Creatinine is a more accurate indicator of kidney function than urea.

3. Estimated glomerular filtration rate

It serves as a marker of kidney function. Blood creatinine can be used to estimate the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR)using age, sex and race. The normal value for eGFR is 90-120ml/min. When the value of eGFR is below 60ml/min, it suggests kidney damage has occurred. The more lower of eGFR value is, the more severe kidney damage is.

4. Dissolved salts

Sodium , potassium, chloride and bicarnate are dissolved salts, sometimes called electrolytes. Abnormal blood levels of any of these may be caused by a kidney-related disease.

Blood test is done in the following case:

1. It is a part of a general health assessment.

2. As a measurement for kidney function, the higher blood levels of urea and creatinine, the less well the kidney function are working.

3. Before and after starting any treatment with certain medicines. Some medicines can cause kidney damage as a side-effect. Thus, kidney function is often che

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