Toxin-Removing Therapies for Uremia Patients to Reduce Creatinine

Uremia is the last stage of kidney disease, which many patients may have been experienced kidney transplant or dialysis. To be honest, there is possible to avoid the two choices for patients. So, clear diagnosis is the most important thing. Then how to reduce high creatinine for uremia patients with toxin-removing therapies?

Little Feifei is 12 years old, who is a uremia patient. His creatinine level reduced and happily discharges from the hospital. When he came to our hospital, he looked poor and weak. All of the doctor and nurse think that he was a quite boy, because he always kept silence. In fact, we are wrong. He is a lively, cheerful and active child, so many people like him. When our expert gave him a systemic examination, the result showed that his creatinine was 613, urea acid was 458. The toxin-removing therapies have the function of clearing the toxins and excess water in blood to provide a better environment for kidney function repair and recovery. After half a month of treatment, his creatinine reduced to 490 from original 613, urea acid was 357. His mother is very satisfied with our treatment and said she would pay attention to the notice of the disease. Let Feifei live a happy life without any pain of the disease. Little Feifei has gone to home now. Wish the little boy grows up happily!

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