The toxin-removing therapies for patient with hypertension to avoid dialysis

Generally speaking, if patients get kidney failure or high creatinine level, it means that they need to kidney transplant or even to do dialysis in western countries. And many patients do not want to do dialysis, they want to avoid it. However, how to avoid dialysis? And what are the therapies for patients?

Mr. Jiang is 47 years old this year. He has many years of hypertension and his blood pressure is not stable. In fourth June, Mr. Jiang came to our hospital and checked in hospital, his serum creatinine level was 823 u mol / L. In general, to this level of, there are only two ways to reduce creatinine level, either dialysis or kidney transplant. But the two methods for him both are not good choice. Because they are harmful for damaged kidney, the remaining part of kidney function, even repair part of the kidney function and save kidneys.

In order to restore the renal function, whether doctors or patients, they all try to treat the disease step by step. Through our characteristic therapies, achieving the effects of opening the meridians and collaterals, expanding the blood vessels and providing nutrition to kidneys, gradually recovering kidney functions. Once the kidney function recovery, the creatinine level will be reduced naturally.

After a period of time, he felt full of energy, although there is anemia symptom. At the same time, his urea acid poisoning has changed. Again check renal function, creatinine dropped to more than 500, to stabilize. Continue to use three kidney toxin-removing therapies, to remove the toxins and waste in blood and kidney inherent cells completely. His urine volume has been in more than 2 thousand ml and after the 15 days, when reexamination, the creatinine stabilized in more than and 500. Hope Mr. Jiang can be recovered as soon as possible.

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